179 – Real Food

2 12 2010

I know it has been awhile since I’ve written. Sorry about the hiatus!

I’m here to rant about food. Or – more properly – to rant about the non-food items in our grocery stores that are pretending to be food. That millions of Americans (and others around the world) are eating on a daily basis. Why do we think it is okay to have an ingredient list on our food packages that contain words that we don’t even understand? To put preservatives and chemicals, additives and colorings in our food that are not natural, that were created in a laboratory, and that we really have no idea what they are doing to our bodies? Why?

Our government passed them through the system so they can’t be bad for us, right? If you believe that, I am sorry, but you should just stop reading this right now, and go back to living in Lalaland! I am amazed at what they are allowing in our so-called foods. To me – I would not call something a food that was created in a laboratory, that you need a degree to be able to create, that you need a degree to even read the ingredient label!

And now they are talking about this new chemical that they might be putting on our strawberries. It has been deemed extremely poisonous by Nobel winning scientists, and our government is in the process of approving it for use and OUR consumption! DISGUSTING!

But – I digress. What I meant to talk about was food. Real food. The foods that are along the edges of the grocery store. Forget all those aisles. 99% of those do not contain anything that we can actually call real food. If it is highly processed, has additives, makes health claims, and has all these added nutrients, vitamins and such – you can be rest assured – it is not real food. Real food rots. Real food goes bad. Real food tastes absolutely amazing!

My suggestion – you want to lose weight? you want to get healthier? Get all those pseudo foods out of your diet and start eating real foods again! I know – it sounds so simple. And it is! And isn’t…

Eating real food takes time. It takes time to prepare. It takes time to cook. And you actually want to take time to eat it! Instead of inhaling your pseudo-foods that taste like cardboard and chemical models of real tastes, you get subtle (and not so subtle) explosions of flavor with real food. You can sense the textures, you can feel the real-ness of the food in your mouth! Wow!

Do me a favor. Try, try really hard… to eat only real whole foods for one week. That means no sodas. That means no twinkies or candy bars or chips. No fast food. Eat at home. Cook your own meals, make salads, eat grains or eggs for breakfast in the morning. Then… after a full week of eating these real foods… tell me how you feel. I think you will be amazed!




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