180 – baby steps

3 12 2010

I have been getting a few questions lately from friends about how to start on a project like I have been doing. They range from how to eat healthier, to how to go gluten free, to how to CrossFit, to how to get the motivation.

I didn’t start Project Restore Me from scratch. Maybe I would have been even more successful… maybe I would have been less. Who knows? I have been thinking and working toward this for years. Just never with enough will-power, motivation or determination to keep up with it. I have been slowly changing the “un-healthy” parts of my life into more healthy versions. Trying to get rid of “bad” habits, and make them better.

It started mostly when we were living in Beirut. We tried to go on the Zone diet. It was extremely difficult – lots of weighing, and measuring, and switching highly processed carbs for vegetables and fruits. It required learning more about proper portion sizes. But – within a month of trying the zone, I was no longer craving breads or pastas. We even went to a pasta restaurant about a month into it – I ate pasta, and felt so heavy and horrible, that I really never had a desire to eat pasta again.

In Beirut, I also first started trying to do CrossFit style workouts. I was never really consistent or committed, but I did do them on a fairly regular basis. Even with the inconsistency – with the diet and the workouts I managed to lose about 10 pounds or so.

Then – I moved back to the States – ate anything and everything I had been craving for two years, went through a depression and disgust with myself and life, and gained it all back, plus some!

I finally got so sick of feeling horrible – feeling depressed – and hating myself… that I decided to do something about it. I needed a drastic change. A really drastic change. I needed strict guidelines – and I needed to shift my attitude. And I was able to. With a lot of motivation. Determination. Self-love. Discovery.

What I am saying here is that you need to look at the small changes that you have already made in your life. Look at them as the baby steps that are going to lead to that first step on the moon. The big changes are coming. But – you need to figure out how to get there. Not everyone will want to or be able to do the same diet or workout regime that I do. Not everyone can make massive changes. Pick something small (or seemingly so…) – cut all processed sugar out of your diet for a week. Keep a food journal for a week (and be truly honest with yourself when you do). Cut wheat and gluten products out for a week. Why do I say a week? Because it is sometimes easier to set small, short-term goals first. See those through, and then you may be able to move on to the bigger goals next.

And speaking of goals. Make them! Figure out what you want from your life. Figure out where you want to be in a year… give it until your next birthday. Imagine waking up on your next birthday to a highly improved you. What a present that will be to yourself! For me – that is the ultimate birthday present. And it will be not only my present – but for my husband, friends and family as well!

So – start with baby steps. And once you take a few of those (you may already be there…) take a few larger ones. And pretty soon – you will be taking giant leaps!




2 responses

8 12 2010
Stacie Pecar

Wonderfully written and so true for so many. This is great advice. Thanks.

8 12 2010

Thank you Stacie! It is hard to be on such a life changing (and lifestyle changing) course and to realize that it takes a long time to work up to changes like these. They never start all at once, but over time. It is hard to realize what those baby steps may finally culminate in, but I think that we are all on the right path when we start making those positive shifts! Thank you for reading my blog and helping to keep me accountable! I really appreciate your comments and support. Thank you!

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