181 – Shrinking Boobies

4 12 2010

Okay – weird topic – I know!

But, lately, all I have been noticing is how small my boobs have gotten. It is crazy. I have always been what they would call well-endowed. I know from past experience that when I have lost weight, my boobs were the first place that I lost them. But – I don’t think they’ve been this small since middle school when I was first getting them!

It is amazing to me! I seem to be obsessing about it right now as well, cause that is what I notice in the mirror. I look at them and touch them, and just stare in amazement.  I am not sad that they are smaller. On the contrary, I have always wanted smaller boobs. Being an active person, large breasts often got in the way, and were often painful. Running hurt. Jumping was even more painful.

Now – they are small. They still bounce and move, but they are not painful at all! So – you’re probably wondering – how small are they? You can’t have gotten that much smaller. Well – I went to Victoria’s Secret yesterday to finally buy a new bra. It has finally gotten to the point where I can’t pretend that my old bras still fit me. So – I went through their sizing procedure. The last time I did this was sometime last year. I was a 36C. Sometimes B, but mostly C. Now – I am a 34 B. She said I was right between a 32 and 34, but I still find the 34 a little more comfortable. To some of you, this may not seem like that small. For someone who has always been larger, this is amazing!

So – hurray to shrinking boobies!




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