185 – Reading List

8 12 2010

I have been reading a few books about food during the last 6 months, covering all aspects of food – from our relationships with food and food allergies to what foods we ‘should’ be eating. I wanted to recommend a few of them that I have gotten a lot out of.

First is ‘In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto’ by Michael Pollan. Really, I would recommend any book by Michael Pollan, but this one really struck a chord with me, where I am at in my life right now. He does a great job ripping apart the nutrition beliefs of today and showing us what all of these statistics and recommendations are based on (basically a bunch of political malarchy and insubstantial studies…), and he goes on to recommend how we should eat – not based on studies that are inherently flawed, but based on common sense and our evolutionary history. Look at what our ancestors ate compared to what we eat today. Would your great grandmother recognize any of the processed food that is sitting in your kitchen cupboards? Probably not. Why do we call these pseudo-foods food, when they are created in laboratories and ‘fixed’ each time there is ‘new research’ that tells us what the right nutrient of the day is? But – enough about that! That is my first suggestion.

Second – ‘The Unhealthy Truth’ by Robyn O’Brien. This book will make you angry – at our government, at processed food companies, and at the apathy of the American public. Robyn is a mom of 3 who was faced with ear infections, asthma attacks, temper tantrums, etc… After a serious bout of illness with her baby, she learned about food allergies. She slowly took out the major food allergens (of which all of her children ended up being sensitive to at least one) and began to see a major shift in their health and attitudes. This book relates her story of learning about food allergies, her research into different allergens and how they can affect us, and how she learned how to remove food allergens from her household slowly over time. I highly recommend this book for all parents, or for anyone concerned with the state of our food system.

Lastly – I recommend ‘Women, Food and God’ by Geneen Roth. My sister gave me this book after hearing about it through her school, the ‘Institute of Integrative Nutrition’. WOW! In this book, Geneen helps us to find out more about why we struggle so much with our bodies, our weight, our food addictions. She guides us, through stories of other women and herself, on a path to self-love and acceptance and therefore into a healthier relationship with ourselves and with our food. She helped me to learn how to listen to my body more (I still struggle!), to banish the voice inside me that degraded me at every moment, and to learn more about why I was craving the foods that I was, even when I knew, deep down inside, that I didn’t really want them. I would highly recommend this for anyone who has struggled with their weight or with food. This goes for everyone – man, woman, child, overweight, obese, anorexic … it goes for those who lose their appetite when they feel emotional and for those who can’t stop eating for comfort. Highly recommended!

So – there is my reading list. Next is another book by Geneen Roth called Appetites: The Search for True Nourishment. I’m guessing it is going to be as profound as the last!




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