188 – A Day Off…

11 12 2010

Is it deserved? or not? Hmmmm….

I’m not sure about the answer to that one. I took a day off CrossFit. Partially because my shoulder is still smarting like mad, but also because I was just feeling particularly lazy today. The bad part is that it makes me feel like crap when I do this, and then I end up ‘making up’ my workout by doing two workouts in a day, and wearing myself out. But I can’t stop myself. It also usually happens on days where I’m feeling particularly lousy about myself.

Like today – feeling a bit fat and fluffy today. Pudgy around the middle, large thighs, nasty legs… That about sums up how I felt about myself today. I even compared myself in looks to someone who probably in all actuality weighs about 30-40 pounds more than me. But I felt like her today. I felt horrible in my body – I felt lazy – I even started craving the foods that I know she eats on a regular basis. And I almost gave in! Jeremy helped me to choose a healthy yummy dinner tonight instead of giving in – so thankfully I have him to help back me up!

So – tomorrow it is back on track – circle the wagons, cause I am going to attack! I am recommiting myself to myself! It seems like I have to do this every once in awhile, but I think that is an important part of this journey – this project. Learning how to recommit to loving myself and taking care of myself.

Well – here’s to me! Cheers!




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