190 – Sucky workouts…

13 12 2010

I don’t know if I just need a break, or if I am just not motivated, but my workouts have been horrible lately! It doesn’t help that my shoulder is still hurting, but I can’t get into them. I started my workout today and only made it through two of five rounds. I talked myself out of continuing. What is going on???

I talked myself out of a workout the other day too! Just didn’t do one that day! Crazy! I think I might sit out this next round of 3, and give my mind and body a break and recommit myself to this! I know I talk about recommitting a lot, but that is definitely part of it! A daily part of this, if not an hourly, or by the minute part! I struggle a lot… I give up… I recommit… I give up… but most times I don’t give in. I always keep going. I may have moments of weakness, but overall I am strong.

The journey is about finding myself, and I am still looking. Where did I hide myself so long ago that I no longer know what soothes me outside of food? Where did I go that I no longer know who I am and what I want from this world? When did I hide myself? I will find me – I promise – and when I do, we will embrace, like old lovers who have only momentarily parted – who know each other so well, and love each other fully because of it! I will embrace myself full heartedly!




One response

14 12 2010
Rissa Ree

Keep it up Sistah!
It’s important to remember that “perfection” is really about living each moment with an attitude of allowing and receiving. It’s not about being “on” all the time. It’s about flowing with life – which is exactly what you are doing! You are flowing with it – the rapids and the flat water.
Taking a break may be important to allow some time to recommit to something internally calling out for attention. When we nourish that emotional, spiritual, mental piece, the physical follows suit.
Maybe you’re trying to tell yourself that you’re needing a moment to just BE with yourself, deeply…
Sometimes these “falters” are a distraction to us from the real message trying to be shared; instead we focus on the fact that we can’t seem to get back on track. Why? – What? – is keeping us from achieving this goal…
But, if we take a moment, we might just find that the answer lies in a different level of our being that is asking for nourishment.
Let us discover that!
Sit and just be…
Ask for insight…

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