193 – Gluten Free Dreams

16 12 2010

I had the most wonderful dream last night! I was teaching Michael Jordan and another basketball star about eating healthy and about gluten free options! I can’t believe I am dreaming about that! It was really fun!

I feel like I am really settling into living gluten free, and the cravings for anything with gluten in it have subsided completely. For now at least. I have taken this as an opportunity to not only go gluten free, but to make a large lifestyle change and eat healthier all around. I have taken this as an opportunity to look at my diet, the state of my food and food supply and to reassess what I think is important in life.

I have been learning about food, food choices and non-foods or food products that are masquerading as foods. I have chosen to try to eliminate (to the furthest extent possible!) most food products from my pantry and from my diet. What does this mean, and what does this look like? It means that I spend a lot more time in the kitchen. That I do not eat ‘convenience’ foods that come straight from packages or jars ready to eat. It means that I get to know my food in a much more intimate way before it enters my body. It means that I enjoy my food more, that I savor the flavors so much more, and that I am experimenting tons! New foods, new recipes, tweaking old recipes!

I have a dream – a gluten free dream – that everyone out there who is faced with the task of going gluten free looks at it as an opportunity to clean up their diets and clean up their lives as well! What we put on our plates – where we spend our food dollars – really does matter.




One response

20 12 2010
Rissa Ree

I’m with you on this dream journey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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