196 – CrossFit Ponderings

19 12 2010

I took a full cycle off of CrossFit this last week. No workouts whatsoever for 5 whole days! Do you know how hard that was? When you become ‘addicted’ to workouts, it is so hard not to workout! I just felt the itch that I wanted to do something! I needed to move! I found myself doing squats in the living room, and wanting to go for a run (even though it is pouring down rain!). But – besides the squats, I did give myself a break. And I think I needed it – both mentally and physically!

My shoulder is feeling a lot better – still not 100% – and I am hoping my massage on Tuesday will help it even more!

But – the big thing is mentally! I needed a break. I was just ho-humming my way through the workouts the last couple weeks – just doing it, not really committing myself to doing my best or pushing myself. And I also think that I has way too much ego in my workouts. I was making the workouts unsafe for myself sometimes. It is hard to step back and say – no – I am not going to deadlift 135lbs ten times, I am going to take it back down to 95 lbs and make sure that I am using proper form. It is hard to make yourself do that and to remind yourself that you don’t need to always be lifting heavier, but smarter. And sometimes that means holding back and being safe! Especially when, like me, you know you don’t have the best form!

So – today I made myself use a lighter weight. I still pushed myself, but I paid more attention to my form and making sure that I wasn’t going to hurt myself. Kudos to me! Lets hope I can stick with this and keep my ego in check!




One response

20 12 2010
Rissa Ree

So proud of you for sticking with the need for time of and allowing yourself to reflect on the emotional underpinnings! What great insights! Move over EGO, here comes the authentic woman inside! 🙂
Keep shining!

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