206 – Kitchen Follies

28 12 2010

I spent the day in the kitchen yesterday! Wasn’t really meaning too, but I decided to try to make my first loaf of gluten free bread. Now – I have never been much of a bread maker – even before going gluten free. I always wanted to try to make some homemade stuff, but other than the typical banana bread or occasional muffins, that was the extent of my experience. So – when reading a bread recipe – I am pretty much lost.

I searched and searched for a recipe that didn’t seem too complicated but that got good fluffly yummy results. I finally found one on Gluten Free Mommy’s site for a delicious looking Millet Oatmeal Bread that practically everyone who commented absolutely loved and had no problem with making. Enter me – I wrote up the recipe and realized that I didn’t have any tapioca flour. Silly me substituted flax seed meal. And – it had dairy in it – in the form of melted butter. I’ve substituted grapeseed oil of melted butter numerous times and had no problem, so I did that as well.

I had issues with the yeast at first too. I had to go through 2 packets – the first just wouldn’t bubble! The second was so active, I knew my bread was going to turn out great.

But – then I got to the whole mixing part… Gluten Free Mommy suggests using the paddle blade of a stand mixer. I only have beaters and the dough hook. I figured – hey – its bread – I’ll use the dough hook. So – I did. No problem, right? hmmmm…. not so sure about that!

Then you get to the part where you are adding water at the end. The recipe says that the dough should be like stiff cake batter. I have no idea what stiff cake batter looks or feels like. I was clueless. I eventually figured out that I had no idea what I was doing, thought that maybe I had mixed it enough, and was at more or less the right (WRONG) consistency, and put the dough into my bread pans.

Now I have a really cold house right now, so I put the loaves in the oven (which I had heated to 200 degrees and had turned off!) to rise. Well… they rose. But not much. They never got much bigger than when they started. I decided to say screw it, after a couple hours of waiting, and threw them in the oven.

They smelled awesome! Got them out of the oven, sliced into it, and they were dense as all get out, but still a little moist, which was awesome! And they taste great. I didn’t get my fluffy bread out of the deal, but I still got some awesome bread, which I have to admit is much better warm, but still tastes good.

So – Attempt #1 at gluten free bread…. success or failure??? I think a little bit of both!




One response

29 12 2010
Rissa Ree

Sounds like it was FUN! And that’s the most important right!? 🙂
At least it’s edible! I’ve thrown a few loaves away myself already

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