227 – and the not so “ease”y

18 01 2011

So my last post was about how easy it is to eat gluten free and to lead a gluten free lifestyle. This post is about the not so easy parts.

It is not so easy to eat at friends houses when they know absolutely nothing about gluten.

It is not so easy to eat at restaurants, especially in rural areas.

It is not so easy to see yummy baked goods and turn them down.

It is not so easy to eat GF while you are on a road trip!

But there are ways around all of this. You just have to do a bit more planning. For instance – our latest road trip. We were taking 4 days to go from California to the midwest, staying with friends along the way. I have a hard time eating at fast food (and other) restaurants, so I made GF bread and cookies. Packed sandwich makings, chips, yogurt, nuts and dried fruit. It takes the pressure off when you get hungry, and it also makes the driving part of the trip go a little easier. Less stopping and waiting for crappy non-food to fill your belly!

I still struggle with the eating at friends houses part though. I don’t want to put them out, and when you are gluten free, dairy free, soy free, corn free, etc… it can be quite difficult to explain to someone who usually cooks with a lot of processed foods what you CAN actually eat. Even though there are a lot of things we can eat, to a processed food junkie, the list looks minimalist!

So – although I stick by my earlier post that living a GF lifestyle can be easy, there are parts that require a lot more work!




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