231 – Learning

22 01 2011

I couldn’t have told you 7 1/2 months ago how I would be feeling, what I would be thinking, and where my life would be heading today. But now that I am here, I am amazed at the direction this life is taking me.

As I learn more and more about nutrition – gluten, grains, allergies, auto-immune issues, inflammation and more, I am truly amazed and disgusted with the state of our health in the US. I am even more disgusted with the state of our food system. Or more accurately – our processed, pseudo-food system. How have we become so addicted to the crap that they sell in markets today? Why is it that we think that eating this way will keep us healthy and going? Why do we think it is okay to load ourselves up with “food” that comes out of a laboratory? Food is grown from the earth people! It does not come from a laboratory! It should not have chemical ingredients in it – it should rot if it sits in one place for too long!

I know I go a little overboard sometimes, but when you really see how this is affecting people, I don’t know how you can deny it! I can no longer pull the wool over my own eyes. And I can’t pretend I don’t know anymore either. I can’t sit there and not say something. No more pussy-footing around the topic. If you ask me about nutrition or health, expect me to tell you the full and honest truth. Expect me to not be “nice” about it. I will let you know that you are slowly killing yourself. Yes – I know we are all dying, but we can make the years we have left on this earth a hell of a lot better by eating more healthy and eating less of that pseudo food crap! I still eat my cookies and cake – and I enjoy the heck out of it! But – all those yummy sweets come from my own kitchen – I know what is going into them, and I choose the healthiest options available to put in those sweets!

I still eat some processed foods, but they are minimally processed. Their ingredient lists read more like a grocery list instead of a chemistry set! I can actually read all the names of the ingredients in my foods! I suggest you start doing the same!




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