236 – A Restaurant Review: Biaggi’s

27 01 2011

So – I ventured into the realm of Italian Restaurants today! Being gluten free and all, I wasn’t so sure what to expect, but I knew that Biaggi’s supposedly had a gluten free menu. I decided to try it out!

WOW!!!! First of all, they actually have a full-on Gluten-Free Menu! Now – that was amazing! They had multiple options for appetizers, pastas, meats, seafoods and pizzas! All gluten free! It was a pleasure just to look at all the different options!

Next – they brought out their yummy yummy breads that they serve up with olive oil, parmesan and fresh ground black pepper. I struggled as the rest of my party devoured the amazing bread, as I sat back and drooled… that is, until the server came by and told me that my gluten free bread would be out shortly! NICE!

The gluten free bread is made only when needed, so you are guaranteed super fresh, straight from the oven flat bread. It was amazing!!!! Even my very particular father-in-law was amazed! He said that’s the only bread he wants when he comes from now on!

I really wanted to try a pasta dish since I was at an Italian restaurant, but the fish just kept calling my name! It was amazing – Chilean sea bass in a sauce with mussels and clams, with fresh veggies and garlic mashed potatoes. I must say that it was truly fabulous! AND it was my first time eating clams and mussels!

Oh – my party ordered a caesar salad to start us off, when they brought it out and I asked if it was gluten free, the server apologized that there were croutons on it, and offered to make me my own small salad so I wouldn’t be left out!

All in all – an amazing experience of gluten free dining! Thank you Biaggi’s!




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