254 – My Latest Update

14 02 2011

So – after all my bravado in my last post about how bad I was feeling, how fat I felt, etc… I finally weighed myself, did measurements and took pictures…

The result… well!!!! I need to learn how to pay attention to what is staring me in the face and not how my mind blows things out of proportion. Yes – my numbers all went up… most of the measurements increased by 1/4 to 1/2 an inch. Not much for 3 weeks of eating lots of dairy, soy and sweets and not exercising regularly. And. I only went up 2 pounds in weight. Which I’m pretty sure I’ve already lost in the last 2 days since I weighed myself!

So – I am back up to 144 as of 2 days ago. Still below my goal weight, and I feel so much better now that I am back to cooking healthy again and getting away from all those foods that make my tummy turn. Back to exercising regularly as well. I think I take these breaks on occasion, just to remind myself why I am truly doing this. I know – that doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it does. When you start feeling really good about yourself, you almost feel invincible, so you push it. Then you realize that the reason you were feeling so good was because you were being careful and paying attention. That is the key – paying attention. To your body – your tummy – your feelings… It is so important.

But – this is my last update until my birthday! Although I will reach 300 days before then, it is so close that I am saving my last update and numbers until then. I did my measurements again this time, but since they are so close to the last ones I am not going to post them this time. I didn’t do any of my fitness milestones this time either. Just too busy to do it at the moment. But – I did take pictures again this morning, so you get to see those. Scary! For me… even though i already posted my pictures once, it is still scary putting it out there for you all to see. But – here goes…

So – these pictures were taken on the following dates, from left to right: June 6, August 14, November 4, December 24, February 14! What a beautiful change! I just need to keep seeing myself like that! I still see myself as the girl on the left, I need to show myself that I am really the girl on the right!

So – that is it until the results on May1! Here’s to even more improvement!




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