23 02 2011

So – it’s been awhile…

We’ve been having issues with our internet at home, so I haven’t been spending much time online. Sorry for not posting in the last week! Oops!
Well – now that I am really back on schedule with my eating habits, I feel so much better. No more stomachaches, headaches, brain fatigue… I feel so much better. Don’t get me wrong – I still have some bad habits, but the cutting most of the sugar and dairy back out of the diet has been a huge help! I always feel so much better when I eat a cleaner diet. I wonder why people don’t make that connection… or maybe they just do, and they don’t let themselves accept it, cause it would mean fore-going their favorite snacks that help them out emotionally.

It is truly amazing to me what we will do for our emotions, and what we will ignore in our bodies. I guess we know who wears the pants in our bodies… definitely the emotions!

So – Jeremy has started CrossFitting with me again. Wow – it has amped up my workouts so much. Having someone to work out with and push me has helped so much. It also helps that I am actually a little more competitive in the workouts now – meaning I can occasionally beat him at a workout. That won’t happen for much longer as he progresses as well, but it is fun being able to push it right now and actually beat him on occasion. If only I were better at burpees and push-ups… they definitely slow me down!
Oh well!

My next goal – work on my pull-ups so I can finally do a real pull-up on my own. I just need to start doing it every day and pushing it… we’ll see what happens…




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