268 – Food and Nutrition

28 02 2011

As I delve more and more into the world of nutrition, I start to realize how much of a contentious subject it really is. People like their food (or pseudo, food-like substances, and they don’t want to be told that they shouldn’t eat them, that they aren’t good for them, or that they might actually be BAD for them. Especially those who are addicted to their pesudo-foods.

As I learn more and more about health, wellness and vitality, I start to undertand more about what we have given up as a society for the convenience of processed foods that we can pop in the microwave, throw in a pot with water, or stick on the oven to back for an hour with no preparation needed. We have not only given up the knowledge of how to prepare whole foods, but we have also given up the amazing tastes, flavors and textures that whole foods impart in any given meal.

We have also given up our health. The more processed foods that we eat, the unhealthier we are. We are more likely to be obese, depressed, have chronic diseases and more. We also are less likely to spend meal time with our families. When everyone in the family is eating a different “convenient” meal, it doesn’t matter if you are all sitting around the table talking about the days events. You can each be in separate rooms eating your “specially” prepared me just for you. You can take the artificial tastes that you’ve become accustomed to and eat them as you play on the computer, watch TV or talk on the phone. Not that we don’t do that with our whole food meals, but I am guessing there is a lot less of that.

As I spend time in the kitchen each day preparing food for myself and my husband, I get to know my fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. I pay more attention to the extra things that are going into my meal, not just the spices and seasonings, but the love, attention, and caring. I think about what this food is helping my body to do – how it is keeping my husband strong and healthy to keep working his job. I know that when we ate more processed foods, we were both ill a lot more often. And we didn’t feel as good on a daily basis – even if we weren’t technically “sick”.

That is what nutrition is all about. You don’t need to know that kale is giving you iron and vitamin A. You need to know that you love the taste, the texture, the amazing crunch and flavor it has when it is mixed in a salad with lemon juice, carrots, olive oil and cranberries. You need to know that it makes your body feel light, happy, healthy and vibrant. Let us nutrition people worry about the vitamins and minerals. Put healthy, whole foods in your body every day for all your meals, and you won’t have to worry about all those different letter vitamins!




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1 03 2011
Rissa Ree

Fantastic!!!!!!! Love it!

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