279 -Going off sugar and dairy… AGAIN!

10 03 2011

So I seem to be saying the same thing over and over again. Or maybe it is doing the same thing over and over again! Whenever I struggle with keeping my diet clean and healthy, I always go back to sugar and dairy! I am really good about keeping the gluten out. Now – why can’t I do the same with sugar and dairy???

It’s not like I’m eating ice cream, drinking milk, eating yogurt and cheese, etc… it’s little things, but my body can tell. I can tell how my body feels afterword, but I still do it! Argh! I know – we all struggle with this, right? Join the club. Well, I’m here to tell you that we don’t all struggle with this. My husband, for one, never struggles with this. He doesn’t understand why I just can’t take it out and keep it out. He has done it many times with no struggles – with his favorite things – coffee, dairy, beer…

What is it in me that makes me keep craving these things. I know that there are hormonal issues at work, and that many of the substances that we are intolerant to, we actually crave, because they create an opioid like effect in our bodies, and we want to continue that. But – come on now! I want it to be over! No more cravings, no more hormonal shifts, I want to be healthy, and get rid of those cravings.

So – today was day one off the sugar and dairy again. The only sugars I can have are those that are naturally occuring in my whole foods – mostly my fruits, though others have them as well. I am counting dried fruits in this as well, but only organic, non-sulfured dry fruits, and I must eat them in something, not just snack on them. When I just snack on them, then all hell breaks loose, and I’ll finish a whole bag of them, and end up bloated and with a horrible stomach ache!

So – here’s to going off sugar and dairy – AGAIN!




One response

11 03 2011
Rissa Ree

I’m there with you! I need to gather in the reigns on the dairy again too! And the sugar! Wanna cut out grains all together but feeling like maybe I should stick to these two first!
I have a feeling it is more of an underlying overgrowth issue – whether it be candida (major cause of sugar cravings and such…) or H.pylori (inability to digest proteins, pH imbalance…) or parasite….
I’ve got some ideas on what I am going to do to address this… lemme know if you wanna share ideas.

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