287 – Feeling pretty… oh so pretty…

19 03 2011

Or – insert your positive word of choice here.

I have noticed that I tend to feel pretty, or sexy, or slim, or just plain ol’ good about myself when I treat myself with the love and respect that I deserve. That means when I eat healthy, vibrant foods; when I exercise; when I give myself time to relax; to rest; to sleep. When I give myself those things I love – time with my husband; time in the kitchen; time with friends; when I follow my passion.

When I do that, I feel good about myself. I feel pretty. I feel happy – not only with where I am in life, but also with how I look. If I am not happy with where I am in my life, I tend not to be happy with how I look either. And I also tend to feel cruddy as well. I get sick more often, I overeat more, I eat and crave foods that are not good for my body – that upset my stomach and make me bloated. And it is a vicious cycle. It is hard to step out of.

So – what is the first step to getting out of that cycle? Realizing that you are in it. Acknowledging it. Feeling it. And then stepping back and learning about what makes you feel good – about yourself, about your life, about your body.

I know that what makes me feel good is good food, exercise, proper rest, being able to support and care for my husband, sharing with others. So – what do I do to get that. I make it happen. I clean out my pantry of food that isn’t good for me (believe me, this is really hard to do!), I find new recipes to play with, I buy lots of green (and other colors!) vegies (and I actually use them), I plan a dinner at my house with friends, I surprise my husband with a wonderful meal, or I just sit and read a book. There are so many things that we can do to make ourselves feel better that do not include nasty processed foods.

These foods may taste good as we are eating them, but what about afterwards? How do you feel after you eat an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s? How do you feel after you snuck another cookie (without anyone noticing…)? I usually really enjoy the moment – then I start to get mad at myself, feel guilty, I get an upset stomach, I get depressed, I realize why I am so fat, and then all I can think about is how fat I am, how ugly I am, how I don’t deserve anything. And I usually grab another cookie. And I enjoy the cookie, but the pleasure only lasts while I eat it. Then those negative feelings come back. I can’t drown them with food. I’ve tried. They just keep resurfacing. They are like those little rubber duckies that just keep floating. You can’t bury them in the water, just like we can’t bury those feelings with food.

So – lets try to find another way to deal with those feelings – lets do something good for ourselves, for our families, for others! And then see how you feel about yourself!




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19 03 2011
Rissa Ree

Here Here!!!

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