293 – Rest Days

24 03 2011

Oh how I love rest days! Especially after I have had a particularly torturous few workouts – to the point that I can’t even walk normal! My calves feel like massive rubberbands that are about ready to burst… up until last night, my IT bands felt like they were about to snap, and also like they were balloons filled past their capacity. Wow! And all from running 10K.

Now – I’ve run 10K before, but the last time I did was when we lived in Lebanon, which was pretty much back in 2008… so about 3 years ago! I’ve run a couple 5Ks since then, but most of my runs are less than 1 mile. And I haven’t run more than about 3 miles in a week since I started this project. So – my legs are not so happy with me!

That is why I love rest days. I still worked out yesterday, even with all my pain! I was thankful that there were no squats or lunges involved, cause I may not have been able to! The 70 burpees were torture enough!

So, why are rest days important? Because our bodies need breaks… even when you aren’t doing CrossFit style workouts! Our bodies need rest and sleep in order to recover from the continual stress that we put them under, and when we do a lot of working out, it is even more important. When I have super stressful workouts, I could easily (and sometimes do!) sleep 10 hours a night, because my body needs that time to focus on recovery and repair.

A good diet helps as well, because then you are getting the nutrients that you need – especially all of those lovely amino acids that help to run our bodies – protein, protein, protein!!! And water! We seem to forget how important it is that we drink a lot of water everyday. Yes, we do get some water from the food we eat, and a little more in the breakdown of that food, but depending on what kinds of food you eat, maximum that equals about 4 cups per day. And we need about 12 cups (yes, this varies, I’m being very very general here!). And no – that cup of coffee, tea or soda does not count. It actually takes away from the amount – yes you are taking in fluid, but because they are diuretic, you actually lose more liquid than you are taking in (hence the need to pee so often after drinking these fluids!)

Wow – I got side tracked there. What I meant to say, is schedule time for your body to rest… get 8 hours of sleep per night. Make it a priority. You will be amazed at how wonderful you feel, and how much your health improves!




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