May Day is here!

1 05 2011

Which also means it is my 32nd birthday, and the last day of Project Restore Me – kind-of…

As I am currently not at home, and won’t have a chance to start testing myself on my goals until the 3rd, the Project really isn’t over until I post my progress on the 4th! And, although I have reached the goal date that I had set, I also know that I am not just going to go back to the way I was before this project started. That just seems foolish to me. When I first started this, people kept asking me how long I was going to do it for, like it was a temporary diet, a quick fix. Well, let me tell you – if you are counting on having a quick fix and a temporary diet to “make things better” with the intention of continuing your life “as normal” afterwards, it will never work. You will go back to the way you were. It may take a year or two, or it may take a couple weeks, but you will gain back the weight, you will lose the fitness, and worst of all, you will lose that self-respect and love that you gained during the process.

I think we need to revolutionize the word diet, and change it from the current way of thinking of a temporary thing, to more of a lifestyle, because that is what it is! When you change your diet for good, you change your life for good, and usually that means that not only you get healthier, but your family does as well.  I know it has meant that for me and my family – and not just my husband, who is the only one I cook for, but my Mom, my sister, and lots of other friends that have learned right along with me and have decided to start slowly changing their diets as well.

It is so refreshing to see people taking control of their own lives, their eating, their health. In this whole 11 month process that I have been through, I think that is the biggest reward – to see those around me working to better themselves as well. I am so grateful to be able to work on myself and to serve as an example on how wonderful it is to make ourselves healthier, happier, sexier!

Although May Day has arrived, Project Restore Me will continue. I don’t know if I will keep posting (besides the final write-up on my goals in a couple days), but I will definitely continue working on improving my health, my life, my attitude, me! For it is truly a lifelong process, one that must change as I change, one that must  evolve!
Here’s to personal evolution!




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