Resurrecting Project Restore Me

13 09 2016

5 years ago, I was in a slump. I needed accountability to get myself back in gear. I started Project Restore Me. I posted on occasion about what I was doing to promote health within my own life, and how I was changing myself. It was awesome. It worked. I felt great, I felt healthy, I was loving life.

Fast forward to now.

September 13, 2016. A lot has changed since I last posted in this blog 5 years ago. I got pregnant, quit my job, had a baby, moved 13 hours away, bought a house, started an off-grid homestead, had another baby, became a beekeeper, and unfortunately, adopted some really bad habits along the way.

My baby turned 2 in July. I’m still holding on to 20+ pounds of the weight I gained during that pregnancy. I have been eating massive amounts of dairy and sugar, both of which are known trigger foods for me, and lead me down the path of food addiction and overeating. I have not been working out, and I have not even been moving as much as I would like. I have lost my motivation and zest for life. I have lost my laughter. And I want it back!

Enter Project Restore Me. I need accountability to keep myself on track. I need to take responsibility for how I feel, and how I treat my self. I need to get myself in to a self care regimen that is specific to me. So, I am resurrecting Project Restore Me. In the coming days, I will be sharing my plan, some ideas, some inspiration, and my progress.

Come join me on my journey.






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